Very entertaining – Great information. Best Con-ed Course I have ever taken. – 

We need more classes by you! Class is very interesting, up beat and the day just zips by - 

West Branch.
With our current market conditions, this information will be very valuable. – 

Best instructor the Board has ever had since I became a REALTOR® over 20 years ago. –  Ann Arbor
I always learn a great deal in Rick's classes. – 

Traverse City
Best short sale class I've had, knowledgeable presenter. – 

Ann Arbor
Exceeded the NAR class in Vegas and RE/MAX Statewide classes combined. – 

Battle Creek
Short sale instructors are really engaged and understand the procedures. – 

Love attending their classes. Lively, educational and well organized. – 

Good program, very informative. – 

Big Rapids
Great class! Timely and informative. I highly recommend. – 

Grand Rapids
Very knowledgeable and an excellent instructor. –

 Houghton Lake
Rick does an excellent job! I would take more of his classes. –